Sustainable Fishing -not mainstream!

Are you feeling sorry for MPI or like at lot of other’s out there not! You can understand why its hard to be both police and industry champion at the same time, but its seems Industry champion is possibly winning in the MPI role.

It has just been announced that the company that was awarded the rights to set up surveillance on NZ Fishing boats is partly owned by two NZ fishing companies. Does something smell fishy here?

A leaked MPI report revealed that 20% and possibly up to 100% of some fishing catches were illegally dumped at sea. What goes on in Timaru Port seems to be a case of yet another of MPIs failures.

Dare we start with poor Hectors dolphins, who suffer badly with old fashioned gillnet fishing and trawling in what should be a reserve for Hectors.

The future forward is not all doom and gloom and if the innovation shown below was picked up by more in the fishing industry, those in business would be showing they are leaders. I was impressed at the concept that fishing could finally become sustainable. To often scientists/ food industry have bad press.

Here is the link to a sea change in fishing.

Precision Seafood Sustainable FishingDolphins


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