Food Trends 1. Hot Stuff

Hot SauceAlways interested in new food trends,  I was inspired to see Hot Chutneys and Imperfect pickles identified as trending in 2016.  Think spicy green tomato, carrot and mustard seed chutney. Red Chilli Chutney, Green Chilli and Coconut Chutney. A great way to add flavour is to use spices, but ensure you have a good quality supply. The other option for new development is to look at spice oleresins.

Pickles have seen a renaissance with the Korean Kimchi pickle a restaurant favourite. Popular pickles are now merging Asian influences with the British a good example is Sweet Pickled Daikon Shreds.

Sweet Pickle Daikon recipe

Hot trends that are definitely hot this June are new cuts of meat, be they old fashioned cuts such as Beef cheeks. Or my recent favourite Venison paired with a Kimchi Pickle. For some great Kimchi ideas please check out this Serious Eats site.

Kimchi and what to make

Sourcing locally is important to consumers and part of this is fish from sustainable sources. Locally sourced vegetables are also on trend. Kohlrabi and Kale are now found in your supermarket not just at the farmers market.

Vege pledges are economic and a potential for food businesses to tap into – that new vegetable sauce accompaniment. Meat free Mondays could become a food innovation for developers. A meal solution where you just add your own vegetables. But please a bit more exciting then cheese sauce!

Anathoth Farm Hot Chilli Relish




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