Food Trends 2. Food Service – foams are out smoke is in


I enjoy seeing food trends move from restaurants into the food service sector or QSR.  But on trend that might not make the leap was the trend for foams and gels on your restaurant plate.  Foams and gels are now considered yesteryear and will be seen less on your restaurant plate. Foams and gels can make you lose focus of what food really is – which is taste.

So what are restaurant chefs indicating will be in taste on the menu this winter. They indicate that summer is coming indoors.BBQ flavours are a big trend , and out of that trend comes Smoke Flavours.  At restaurants they may have time to get the BBQ smoking or even light that smoker but if you are in QSR the key might be flavours.  Smoke flavours are created by a distillation process this creates oil soluble smoke flavours or water soluble smoke flavours.

The other big trend is southern American BBQ flavours. BBQ flavours tend to be created by spice combinations, often involving chilies but also spices and herbs.

BBQ rubs are popular in restaurants and at home, lets look forward to potential new blends on the menu

  • Texas BBQ rub
  • Jamaican Jerk blend
  • African Harissa
  • Ghost Pepper
  • African Dukka

If you are interested in the history of spices this is a great sight to read.

McCormicks History of Spices

McCormicks has also advised the summer of 2016 will be about incorporating smokey, spicy flavours. That BBQs and grills are hot.

Below is a brief list of BBQ flavours. A great site for US BBQ sauce variants is at the end.

  • Kansas BBQ flavour
  • Alabama White Sauce
  • Kentucky Black Sauce
  • Bermudean Hot BBQ sauce with pineapple
  • Brazilian BBQ sauce with malagueta chiles
  • Carribean Citrus Mango with a hint of rum.
  • US BBQ regional sauces

Last but not least and one that is frequently made in our house is the Argentinian Chimichuri sauce.

Another trend showing up in restaurants near you are offerings beyond a beef steak, now seen frequently venison steak, fish steaks, and my favourite vegetable steaks. This combined with BBQ or smoke notes is sure to excite the tastes buds this winter.

When *Metro magazine advises “the food du jour is smoked and spicy beef” then you know smoke is on its way in.

2007 11 03 Autumn 038


*Metro Magazine May 2016


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